• 2023


    US filmmaker holds on to his roots in China as a Beijinger

    Promotional materials of The Wandering Earth II are seen out of a cinema in Beijing. Photo: VCG "White face with a Beijinger's soul," this is the self-description of US filmmaker Andy Friend who has gained new popularity after playing the role "Mike" in the Chinese sci-fi blockbuster The Wandering Earth II.

    Prominent artist reviews career spanning 45 years

    From figurative method to expressionism and then abstractive art, Ma Lu, an eminent oil painter, has heralded a movement to build a distinctive language of painting in the scene of contemporary Chinese art.

    Forum discusses how art therapy paints social influence

    Art therapy is emerging as an alternative approach to healing and improving mental well-being, yet its effects are still unknown to many.


    Liu Xiaohui's solo exhibition "Hibiscus" opens at White Space

    Liu Xiaohui's first solo exhibition at White Space, "Hibiscus," will open on February 25, 2023, and run through May 3, 2023. This exhibition will present the artist's latest paintings.

    Liu Zhao,the first board member for the China region of ATypI

    Ms. Liu Zhao has been successfully re-elected as a board member of the Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI), the world's largest organization for typography and type design, for the term from 2023 to 2025. She is also the first female designer from mainland China to be elected to the board of the association. Founded in 1957 by Charles Peignot, the manager of the French type foundry Deberny & Peignot, ATypI is a non-profit international organization for the typography industry, with a history of 66 years. Its members are mainly typography and type designers, representatives of type foundries, graphic designers, and letterpress printers from all over the world. The association holds large-scale typography conferences in different cities around the world every year.

    Discovery | Associate Professor Bai Bingyang of the Sino-French Institute of Management in Arts and Design at the Central Academy of Fine Arts featured in top international scientific journal "Nature".

    Recently, a peculiar-looking new species of ancient insect from the Jurassic period was named Palaeoneurorthus baii, after Bai Bingyang, an associate professor at the Sino-French Institute of Management in Arts and Design(CAFA- IMAD) at the Central Academy of Fine Arts who has long been studying paleontology in his spare time.


    CAFA assists the 3rd China Xinjiang International Art Biennale to present harmonious symbiosis

    The 3rd China Xinjiang International Art Biennale kicks off on Jan 10, 2023, and this year's exhibition theme is "Harmonious Symbiosis."

    Wuhan Biennale 2022 opens ceremoniously with Fan Di’an as the chief curator

    The “Communication through Art: Wuhan Biennale 2022” opened ceremoniously at the Wuhan Art Museum (Qintai), on the morning of December 28, 2022. As another post-Covid milestone event in the Chinese literary and art circles, this biennial is an ode of art to the heroic city of Wuhan, and an art feast that the city presents to its heroic people.
  • 2022


    EMPTY·THEATRE,Solo exhibition of Lu Zhengyuan

    A vibrant world was suddenly being frozen. The globalized epidemic has shaken the structural relationship between the individual and the original social system. Individuals break away from the old routine of the original life and slipped into a chaotic, isolated and almost rootless state. People are eager to re-establish a stable, rational and perceptive world of their own.

    Old friend of CAFA Arata Isozaki passes away at the age of 91, Fan Di'an and Zhu Pei express their condolences at first time

    Mr. Arata Isozaki, the master of Japanese postmodernist architecture and winner of the 2019 Pritzker Architecture Prize, died of illness on December 29, 2022 at the age of 91. Fan Di'an,President of CAFA, and Zhu Pei, Dean of CAFA School of Architecture, express their condolences at first time.

    Looking Far with a Broad Mind: A group exhibition featuring works by Chinese artists who have studied in Germany is on display at NCPA

    A celebration organized for the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Germany, Looking Far with a Broad Mind: the group exhibition featuring works by Chinese artists who have studied in Germany recently commenced at the National Center for the Performing Arts. The exhibition intends to present a panoramic view of the fruitful artistic achievements of Chinese artists who used to study and live in Germany since the reform and opening up, through a systematic and academic review. It highlights works of 40 Chinese artists who have learned in Germany from different visual arts fields, which provides the public with an opportunity to learn the process of how this group of artists have thought and explored during the epochal development amid the cultural and artistic exchanges between China and Germany, while integrating the artistic advantages of the two countries.

    "Sun Xinping: Long Journey" is on display at 2022 Art Changsha

    “Sun Xinping: Long Journey” is currently on display at 2022 Art Changsha, featuring artist Su Xinping’s representative works across different media in recent years. Meanwhile, the exhibition also empowers the sculpture “The Walking Man” with a broader and freer developing space. In the brand new collision of works, exhibition space, and the audience, Su Xinping responds to the classic proposition of “where should we go” with his unique thinking on the current drastic changes.

    School students' artworks show importance of art education

    As part of the ongoing Wayhome — Art Jinyang 2022, an exhibition showcasing dozens of works by primary and secondary school students in Jinyang, a district under the jurisdiction of Deyang, in northeastern Sichuan province, on show are paintings, pieces of calligraphy and photos in which the minors celebrate the beauty of nature and their hometown, a place surrounded by mountains and waters.

    CAFAa Lecture Series | TOYO ITO:My Architectural Theory

    On December 2, 2022, CAFA invited Mr. Toyo Ito, an internationally renowned architect, founder of Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects and winner of the 2013 Pritzker Prize, to give a lecture and have an online conversation with six guests.


    Qiu Zhijie's 1st solo exhibition in UK launched at Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh

    In his first solo exhibition in the UK, Qiu Zhijie (b. 1969 Zhangzhou, China) occupies the whole of Talbot Rice Gallery’s historic Georgian Gallery with new series of ink-paintings and an atmospheric installation evoking an archaeological dig. Qiu’s practice embraces calligraphy, poetry, teaching, criticism and curating and as a thinker, and cartographer he has earned worldwide critical recognition for his concept and practice of ‘total art’. Through this approach he brings together different cultures and knowledge-systems to propose alternative worldviews.

    AYE Gallery announces “Fatty” showcasing new works by Mu Boyan

    AYE Gallery presents the latest solo exhibition featuring new works by Mu Boyan, which is scheduled to be unveiled on 20 November, 2022. The artist has altered the established stereotype of defining “an image” by getting rid of redundant expression, while his portrayal methods tend to be simplified.

    Chinese artist explores art boundaries with a restless soul

    In the magical hands of Wang Yuyang, an artist who is constantly attempting to shed his "old self" and further explore artistic boundaries, all of these materials—paintings, installation art, sculptures, steel, bronze, wood, glass, porcelain, silica gel, and LED lights—are nothing more than bricks used to construct his one-of-a-kind kingdom, the foundation of which lies within his restless soul.

    “@WUHAN 2022 | A Place without Whence or Whither: Chen Qi” is on display at Hubei Museum of Art

    While highlighting the urban cultural attitude, constructing the urban cultural ecology and public cultural service system, “@WUHAN” has reached a consensus that it should meet the pluralistic and diverse cultural needs of the public. “@WUHAN 2022 | A Place without Whence or Whither: Chen Qi” kicked off at the Hubei Museum of Art on October 14th, 2022.

    The Fourth IAPA Printmaking Biennale was unveiled at the Kunming Museum

    On November 12th, 2022, “the Fourth IAPA Printmaking Biennale”, hosted by the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Yunnan Arts University, International Academic Printmaking Alliance, International Academy Printmaking Alliance and International Printmaking Institute of CAFA, and organized by Yunnan Arts University, kicked off at the Kunming Museum in Yunnan Province, China. The academic host of this exhibition is Su Xinping; the curators include Wang Huaxiang and Guo Hao, and the executive curators are Zhou Jirong, Kong Liang and Kong Guoqiao. The Biennale features over 300 artworks from more than 20 countries.

    Solid Connection, Remarkable Synergy: Virtual Showroom of ASEAN-China Jewelry Art Exhibition officially launched online

    China has a solid connection with the countries of ASEAN by sharing mountains, rivers and a humanistic relationship. We have jointly created splendid civilizations and formed unique multiple cultures over time. Jewelry designs from various countries of ASEAN and China are so exquisite and characteristic that they are acclaimed by customers in Asia and even all over the world. In 2021, “Solid Connection, Remarkable Synergy: Virtual Showroom of ASEAN-China Jewelry Art Exhibition” was presented to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the China-ASEAN dialogue relationship and it showcased over several hundreds of jewelry works by more than 50 jewelry artists from China and 10 countries of ASEAN.