• 2021


    Online forum sheds light on design developments in China and Thailand

    Chinese designer Liu Boxu introduces his product designs at the online forum. [Photo provided to China Daily] The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed great challenges on people's lives in many areas, but the desire for communication has not lessened. Scholars, designers and figures from governmental bodies and the creative industry in China and Thailand joined in an online discussion early this month on new developments in jewelry design, the commercial values of designer brands and the relationship between traditional cultures and modern design. Attendants at the virtual meeting included Zhang Fan, an associate professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and designer who has participated in the restoration of ancient Chinese jewelry. She incorporates the aesthetics of those vintage objects into her works.

    CAFA Art Museum presents a Retrospective Exhibition of Situ Zhaoguang

    Situ Zhaoguang was born on June 10, 1940 into a Chinese family in Hong Kong. His family was originally from Kaiping City in Guangdong Province. He was enrolled in the Affiliated Middle School of Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1955, and studied at the Department of Sculpture in CAFA from 1959. He was sent to Leningrad in the Soviet Union (now St. Petersburg, Russia) in 1961, and studied under the guidance of Professor Mikhail Anikushin.

    Where Are We? — A Report on the Exhibition Featuring the Achievements and Practices of CAFA First Young Artist Residency Project


    A “Dual Vector Foil” Which Xu Bing Threw to a Three-dimensional World

    A “Dual Vector Foil” is a “universal regular weapon” that Liu Cixin invented in his renowned science fiction series The Three-Body Problem.

    Series of Lectures on Technology and Printmaking|Digital Print Media Past and Future——Lecture of Jaseph Scheer


    "Super Fusion: 2021 Chengdu Biennale" inaugurates eight themed exhibitions and one international conference

    A biennale is one of the most influential forms of international art exhibition and is an opportunity to present the spirit of the city in which it is hosted. As an international, cultural and academic event held on a large scale, it is an ideal platform for exchanging artistic ideas and displaying the latest achievements and innovations of art – both local and global.


    Jade-inspired medals for Winter Olympics, Paralympics unveiled


    IAPA Lecture|Wang Lixin: Series of Lectures on Technology and Printmaking


    IAPA|A Journey Through Printmaking——International Printmaking Art Exhibition

    The CAFA Art Museum will present A Journey Through Printmaking — International Printmaking Art Exhibition at 2B Gallery from October 20 to November 13, 2021. The exhibition is organized by the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, presented by the CAFA Art Museum, and supported by the LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies, Columbia University School of the Arts.

    “20/21 Exhibition of Excellent Works of CAFA and LUCION National Competition for Calligraphy and Artworks by Children” Held in CAFAM

    Co-organized by the Central Academy of Fine Arts (abbr. CAFA) and Shandong Lucion Public Welfare Foundation that belongs to the LUCION Group, the “20/21 Excellent Works of CAFA & LUCION National Competition for Calligraphy and Artworks by Children” commenced on the first floor of CAFAM at 14:00 on 29th September.

    CAFAM presents "The Photography Is Not What’s Important: Photography from the Central Academy of Fine Arts"



    Series of Lectures on Technology and Printmaking|New Media Art Creation Practice-Lecture of Wang Zhigang


    The Past and Future of Materials | ‘Material Tales: The Life of Things’ at CAFAM

    The notion of a “post-petroleum era” reflects our anxiety on energy issues in this current era. Social developments over the past two centuries since the Industrial Revolution has brought human civilization into an accelerating state. However, along with the destruction brought by these advancements (many of which were irreversible), in the context of global warming, extreme weather, and environmental pollution, the pandemic of COVID-19 has added to the heavy blow to the human race, and we cannot help wondering whether this highway leads to heaven or hell.

    Designs from China and France students tackling sleeping at Design China 2021



    “Transcendence and Rén Jiān—Su Xinping and Christopher Le Brun” was Launched

    "Transcendence and Rén Jiān—Su Xinping and Christopher Le Brun” was officially launched in Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning (MoCAUP) on August 5th, 2021. The exhibition sifts through more than ten-year’s creative materials of Su Xinping from China and Christopher Le Brun from the UK, and expands their experiences in terms of cognition and creation of art to a representative modern narration to interpret their works and present them. By doing so, the exhibition intends to discuss the development of the Sino-Western communication of contemporary art as well as the public art education during this era.

    UCCA Edge presents 【Liu Xiaodong: Your Friends】 in Shanghai

    UCCA Edge presents its first solo exhibition, Liu Xiaodong: Your Friends from August 8, 2021 to October 10, 2021. Liu Xiaodong (b. 1963, Jincheng, Liaoning province) is the contemporary heir to modern China’s realist painting tradition. Emerging in the 1990s, he began to depict what one critic called “minute but fragmentary observations of life” with snapshot clarity, turning the previously heroic tools of oil painting onto characters and subjectivities at all levels of a rapidly urbanizing and developing society. This exploration unfolded in parallel to a new documentary aesthetic in the works of “Sixth Generation” filmmakers such as Wang Xiaoshuai and Zhang Yuan, with whom he has frequently collaborated. Since the early 2000s, Liu has often worked through plein air sessions staged in globally significant, even fraught, locations, from the Three Gorges Dam (2003) to the U.S.-Mexico border (2020). For his 2010 exhibition “Hometown Boy” at UCCA Beijing, the artist trained his lens on his childhood friends from the paper mill town of Jincheng, in an extended meditation on personal transformation and social mobility.


    IAPA Lecture|Miao Xiaochun:Art Creation in Digital Era


    The Degree Show for the Undergraduates of CAFA (Phase II) will be closed on June 20


    2021 CAFA Postgraduate Degree Show: Ready To-Go! Growing Towards a Broader Field

    In the early summer of 2021, the postgraduate degree show of CAFA was naturally included in the hot topics and highlight moments within the art circles. With the official opening of the first part of the 2021 CAFA Graduation Season, the show for postgraduates has attracted numerous audiences who have reserved a place for viewing the graduation creations offline.


    VAII Global Connect|CAFA Visual Art Innovation Institute Expert interview Series--TONY BROWN

    For many years I regularly flew between Paris and Beijing, I treated it as one of modern lives convinces that I took for granted, never considering the possibility that with all the advances the future of modern life held for us that one day it would not be the case.