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    The High School Affiliated to the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the EU-China Youth Culture and Arts Development Committee

    On April 8th, a signing ceremony was held at The High School Affiliated to the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) between the school and the EU-China Youth Culture and Arts Development Committee. The ceremony was attended by several officials from both sides, including the Party Secretary and President of the school, Tingting Diao, the Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President, Junjuan Zhang, Vice President Xiaowei Wang, the Secretary-General of the EU-China Youth Culture and Arts Development Committee, Zimu Chen, the President of Arts² Ecole Supérieure des Arts de Mons, Michel Stockhem, and heads of various functional departments. The ceremony was presided over by Fantao Kong, Director of the Youth Arts Education Center.

    Forging a creative time

    Is there a link between Ming-style furniture and the sedan car? The idea is improbable, or so it may seem at first. After all, Ming-style furniture dates back to the dynasty that ruled between 1368 and 1644, appearing centuries before the automobile, and is known for its minimalist design, the result of collaboration between intellectuals and master craftsmen, use of precious hardwoods and mortise-and-tenon joinery.


    The 5th Anniversary of the Sino-French Institute of Art and Design Management: Conversing Together on Cultivating Outstanding Talents in Art and Design Management with a Global Perspective and Future Orientation

    On March 25, 2024, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France,  Sino-French Institute of Arts and Design Management of the Central Academy of Fine Arts held a celebration ceremony for its fifth anniversary.

    Picturing a lost era

    The popularity of online travel blogs, vlogs and tourism guides has given new life to the use of a word previously associated with the very opposite of travel — workplace punctuality. Daka originally meant the act of punching the card when arriving and leaving the workplace, but has been appropriated to refer to the trend of visiting must-see attractions, such as scenic spots, restaurants famous for specific local delicacies and unique gift shops, and sharing them via text and photos on social media.

    Upcoming public art season to invigorate riverside village in Beijing

    Seated by the Tonghui River that runs across southern Beijing, Banbidian village takes on a quite different look of quietness and is visited by few people. But actually it is not far — about 15 minutes' drive — from the capital city's bustling central business district where high-rises occupy.

    Ms. Marta Betanzos, the Spanish Ambassador to China, and her delegation visited CAFA

    On March 20, 2024, Ms. Marta Betanzos, the Spanish Ambassador to China, and her delegation visited the Central Academy of Fine Arts, where they held discussions with the President of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Lin Mao, regarding cultural and artistic exchanges between China and the West, as well as future cooperation opportunities.

    Liu Qinghe's eponymous exhibition opened at Tang Contemporary Art

    Tang Contemporary Art is delighted to announce the launch of Liu Qinghe's eponymous exhibition, the most comprehensive and detailed large-scale academic exhibition of Liu Qinghe's work to date, to be held on March 9 at the Beijing 1st and 2nd Space. Curated by Cui Cancan, the exhibition adopts a multi-linear narrative structure and is divided into seven parts, comprehensively organizing the artist's artistic development from 1979 to the present. The exhibition spans 45 years, with over 200 works on display.

    CAFAM Exhibition Preview | Questionings of Painting: A Worldwide Task

    The exhibition "The Question of Painting: A Worldwide Topic (Questionings of Painting: A Worldwide Task)” will be held at the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum (CAFAM) from March 20th to April 20th, 2024. This exhibition invites five artists: Chen Lei, Chen Xi, Dai Zengjun, Wu Xiaohai, and Wang Xiyao, thus forming a timeline that represents three generations of contemporary Chinese painting: the post-60s, 70s, and 90s. The works of the five artists each have their distinctive features, with painting qualities that are open to discussion and topics that can be extended. Those insights are the essence of the research of contemporary Chinese painting.

    Zhu Pei’s architectural solo exhibition “Poetic Imaginations” successfully opened in Berlin

    On February 16, 2024, Zhu Pei’s architectural solo exhibition “Poetic Imaginations: Interweaving Architecture With Traditional Values” successfully opened at the Aedes Architecture Forum in Berlin, Germany. This is Zhu Pei's second solo exhibition at this prestigious international architecture gallery, following his 2017 solo exhibition "Mind Landscapes".

    “Flower Whisper” won iF DESIGN AWARD 2024

    Beijing Daxing International Airport has been open to air traffic after five years of preparation. This currently largest single-terminal airport in the world showcases a unique oriental charm in its architectural appearance, while the internal public art interprets the beauty of Chinese culture with contemporary artistic techniques. This airport will welcome and see off billions of guests every year. It is not only a humanistic airport, but also a palace of art, and it will become the “busiest art gallery” in the world. After two years of efforts, the “Flower Whisper” shading art installation jointly created by the Public Art and Experience Design Studio of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Ten by Ten Digital Art Studio was selected as the “landmark wonder” and finally blossomed here in glory.


    The details make the design

    The Year of the Dragon is named for the fifth animal and the only mythical creature of the Chinese zodiac. A host of creatives have seized the opportunity to ring in the year with their interpretations of the mythical creature through the language of art. At an art exhibition centered on the dragon and the other 11 Chinese zodiac signs opened in Beijing in December 2023, two large pieces, in particular, respectively created by Chinese and Mexican masters, have caught visitors' eyes.

    The Central Academy of Fine Arts team depicted a splendid Chinese New Year gala, illustrating the beauty of China

    Cui Donghui, the Vice Dean of the School of Architecture at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, served as the artistic consultant for the 2024 CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Leading a team, they incorporated distinctive patterns and motifs from traditional Chinese culture into the creative program "Nian Jin" and the backdrop design "Long Teng Jiu Zhou" for the Loong Year Gala. These artistic designs aim to present patterns infused with good wishes and folk wisdom to the nationwide audience.

    President Lin Mao Visited KEDGE Business School in France to Discuss Future Development of the Sino-French Institute of Management in Arts and Design

    On January 30, 2024, President Lin Mao, along with a delegation from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, embarked on a visit to KEDGE Business School in France, spanning both its Bordeaux and Marseille campuses, for discussions with Alexandre de Navailles, Dean of KEDGE Business School.

    "The 'Jixiang Dragon' held by Chinese taikonauts in the Tiangong: Designed by the Central Academy of Fine Arts!"

    The taikonauts of the Chinese space station extend Lunar New Year blessings to the global Chinese community through video, holding the 'Jixiang Dragon' from the 'Tiangong' space station.

    Xu Bing leads the way: The first satellite of the "Star Chain of Arts Project," "SCA-1," successfully launched into orbit

    On February 3, 2024, at 11:06 a.m., the first Chinese art satellite, "SCA-1" (The first satellite of the Star Chain of Arts Project), was successfully launched into orbit near the sea area of Yangjiang, Guangdong, using the Long March 3B carrier rocket. The satellite's solar panels deployed normally, and the initial telemetry is normal. Among the thousands of satellites now orbiting above us, including scientific, meteorological, communication, and military satellites, there was a missing category - the "art satellite."


    Culture Beat: 'Emerging Within the Wild' at CAFAM

    A new exhibition at Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum (CAFAM), Emerging Within the Wild, is a new experimental project, which explores not only physical space, but also mental space. 

    Lu Zhengyuan’s public art installation won the Gold prize of IDA2023

    Recently, IDA 2023 winners have been announced. Prof. Lu Zhengyuan’s public art installation Empty·Theater won the Gold Prize in Cultural Architecture Design/Installation.

    The Ambassador of UAE to China visited CAFA

    On January 12, 2024, the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to China, H.E. Hussain Al Hammadi, visited the Central Academy of Fine Arts, engaging in discussions with the President of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Lin Mao, regarding the enhancement of cultural and artistic cooperation between China and the UAE, as well as the initiation of art projects.
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    Artist paints a picture of his times

    Yu Ding, a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, recalls his first task after enrolling to study art history at the academy decades ago — he was assigned to interview Wei Qimei, an oil painter and professor of prominence at the school.

    “Lamia : The Dream Chaser” won the Best Story Award of the 3rd “Beijing-A Global City” Short Video Contest

    On December 18th, the 3rd “Beijing-A Global City” Short Video Contest awards ceremony was held at the China Film Museum. Thirty-two entries were awarded first, second, and third prizes, as well as honorable mentions and special awards. The short film "Lamia : The Dream Chaser," featuring our Algerian student Mia, won the "Best Story Award."