• 【CAFA & OLYMPICS】Co-creation: The first artistic Chinese font specially design for the Olympics in the history

  • 【CAFA & OLYMPICS】Heritage: The “Lucky Snow and Cloud” victory ceremony costume exemplifies balance of classic and modern styles

  • 【CAFA & OLYMPICS】Services: The signage system provided information to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the venues during the Games

  • 【CAFA & OLYMPICS】Together as one: Design of the medals

    A team led by Hang Hai, professor at CAFA School of Design and director of the Art Research Centre for the Olympic Games, designed the medals and signage for the Beijing 2022 Games. Other members of the team include Li Wenlong, professor of Product Design, Liu Xiao, professor of Jewellery Design, and Lin Fan and Gao Yitong, students. Lin Fan also designed the Olympic diploma and a serious of posters for the Beijing 2022 Games.
  • 【CAFA & OLYMPICS】Fusion: Incorporating the Chinese way of thinking and traditional Chinese aesthetics into Games-time Look of the venues

  • 【CAFA & OLYMPICS】Communications: First animated sports pictograms in the history of Winter Olympics

    The Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 has 30 sports pictograms which have been inspired by Chinese characters, oracle bone script, and traditional Chinese seal engraving. They integrate the quintessence of Chinese culture into sports presentation on the Olympic and Paralympic stage. The pictograms embody both the motion and self-challenging spirit of winter sports and China’s rich culture, and highlight the philosophy and vision of the Olympic Games.
  • 【CAFA & OLYMPICS】Culture: Inviting the world to learn a Chinese character

  • 【CAFA & OLYMPICS】Fashion: The colours of the Games coincide with colours global fashion industries are fallen for

  • 【CAFA & OLYMPICS】The Olympic Games: Entering a New Era of Design

    The Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 have concluded with great success. The Games may be over but the memories they have left will last a lifetime. The Games offered a golden moment for China to showcase its culture, allowing the world to see a real China thorough the lens of its cultural heritage. The Look of the Games combined Olympism with the Chinese people's understanding of nature and the dao (Way). The Chinese people's constant pursuit of harmony between humanity and nature was highlighted in the design of Olympic venues. Stories of the Chinese people were told inside and outside the arena. IOC President Thomas Bach pronounced the Beijing 2022 Games as “truly exceptional”.
  • “Do Something Different”: The Student Photography Association of CAFA in the Late 1980s

    In 2017, the main members of the Student Photography Association of CAFA gathered for the first time after 30 years. From left to right are Sun Zhenjie, Liu Qinghe, Bi Jianfeng, Niu Chu (deceased), Chen Shuxia, Hong Hao and Wang Youshen. (Photo taken by [Australia] Chen Shuxia and provided by Wang Youshen)
  • Zhang Zikang: Presenting the Development System of Chinese Art, Combining Technology with Art

    Editor’s Note: As a significant international art exhibition with more than a hundred year’s history, every edition of the Venice Biennale represents the cutting-edge dynamics of contemporary art, and predicts the development direction of art for the future. In 1907, Belgium Pavilion, the first national pavilion, was established. Subsequently, Hungary Pavilion, Germany Pavilion, British Pavilion, France Pavilion, and Russia Pavilion, were established in succession. The national pavilion has become a platform for international cultural exchange and increasingly represents every country’s “national cultural image”. 
  • Wu Yi: The Talent for Painting (PART II)

    Over the past two decades, Wu Yi has been conducting his creations through “wandering”. He always roams the streets and alleyways in various cities quietly and alone, experiencing the scenery of the world, and recording his thoughts during his travels with paintings and words both loosely and frankly. He always likes to present an entire act of art creation through a publication and an exhibition.
  • Interview|Zuo Jing , He Wei:Rural construction is a form of rural social design

  • The Application for the Undergraduate Major “Sci-Tech Arts” was successful! Qiu Zhijie told about 30 things you need to know.

    On February 24, 2022, Ministry of Education of The People’s Republic of China published the “Notice of the Ministry of Education on the Announcement of the 2021 Annual Recording and Approval Results of Undergraduate Majors in Regular Institutions of Higher Education” on its website.
  • Wu Yi: A Talent for Painting (PART I)

    Over the past two decades, Wu Yi has been conducting his creation as a way of “wandering”. He always roams the streets and alleyways in various cities quietly and alone, experiencing the scenery of the world, and recording his thoughts during travels with paintings and words both breezily and frankly. Then he would always like to present an entire act of art creation through a publication and an exhibition.
  • Liu Xiaodong: Painting to Resist a Midlife Crisis, Death and Oblivion

  • Charm of Ink in My Heart Crossing China and the West: Shao Dazhen Talked about Ink Painting Creation and Research on Art History

  • Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic medals inspired by ancient Chinese astronomy

    As the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics draws closer, the designs for the Olympic and Paralympics Winter Game medals have garnered more and more attention. On Monday, Chinese news outlet Science and Technology Daily reported that in addition to Chinese jade providing inspiration for the medals' designs, ancient Chinese astronomy has also contributed to their looks. 
  • “Prague”, “Nominal Age: Sixty” and “Metonymic Liminality”: Solo Exhibitions of Wu Yi, Wang Yuping and Cai Lei at Song Art Museum

  • Chen Shuxia: Some Rebellious Mentality Is Always There

    Diversified exhibitions and activities in the art field of Wuhan led people to realize that the city was gradually recovering from the huge collective trauma. “@Wuhan 2021 Chen Shuxia” as an important part of “@Wuhan 2021” at Hubei Museum of Art, her creative career from 1987 to the present day offers an overall clue and showcases over hundred works. Through the detailed presentation of different creative stages in her oeuvre, the exhibition enabled the audience to understand the challenges that the artist has initiated with boundaries of art forms and themes under the delicate and gentle appearance of her paintings.