Fu Yijing


Fu Yijing, Ph.D. in Literature from Beijing Normal University, post-doctorate and associate researcher at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. She used to be the director of the Scientific Research Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and now she is the director of the Personnel Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and the executive deputy director of the Central Academy of Fine Arts Literature and Art Critic Research Center. Her main research directions are the history of Chinese art, literary theory and criticism, and the relationship between poetry and painting. Over the years, she has published more than 20 academic papers in publications such as "Art Research", "Art Observation", "Chinese Culture Research", "Social Science Forum", "Ethnic Literature Research", and "Chinese Painting and Calligraphy". As the project leader, she once presided over the National Social Science Foundation Art Project "International Students and Modern Chinese Art" (project number: 08CF74, certificate number of the project: 2013009), and was funded by the China Postdoctoral Foundation. As a member of the research team, she participated in the 2019 National Social Science Fund Art Major Project "Research on National Spirit in Art Creation in the New Era" (project number: 19ZD21).