Fan Di’an


Fan Di’an was born in Fujian Province, China, at September, 1955. He is ex-Director of NAMOC(National Art Museum of China), currently President of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the Vice Chairman of the China Artists Association, Member of Central Research Institute of Culture and History, Deputy Director of National Art Education Committee, Vice Chairman of China Literary and Art Critics Association, Trustee of China Oil Painting Society, Member of National Committee of CPPCC.


Professor Fan Di’an has a long career as a scholar in research of the 20th Century Chinese Art, contemporary art critic and exhibition curatorship, and art museology. He has published over million words art research and critic, participated a variety of exhibitions with his oil paintings, curated over-hundred academic exhibitions presenting the times and development of Chinese art, organized a number of international art conferences, established cooperation relationship with reputed international art museums and art schools, promoting crossing-country exchange of art excellence and elevation the international influence of Chinese art.


Professor Fan Di’an has conducted responsibilities general exhibition curator on Chinese side of major national culture exchange year/festivals including China-France Culture Year, China-Italy Culture Year, China-Russia Culture Year, China-Germany Art Season, Europalia-China Art Festival, and Chinese Art Tour in America. During Chair Xi Jinping’s visit to France in April 2014, he curated Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting at the Paris Headquarter of UNESCO; During Vice Premier Liu Yandong’s visit to France in August 2014, he curated art exhibition “Road of Silk” in Paris; During Vice Premier Liu Yandong’s visit to Russia in July 2016, he curated China-Russia Oil Painting Exhibition, all achieved excellent influence. In September 2016, the 34th CIHA Congress (Congress of International Committee of the History of Art) in Beijing, which he co-curated and organized successfully opened in Beijing. His oil paintings has participated into a variety of exhibitions.


  • 惟余莽莽

  • 黄河紫烟

  • 雄安进行时之四·成长