Wang Huaxiang


1962 Born in Guizhou

1981 Graduated from Guizhou Provincial Art Academy

1988 Graduated from and started working at Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Beijing


Vice President of School of Fine Arts,Central Academy of Fine Art (CAFA)

Dean of the International Printmaking Institute

Director and Doctoral Supervisor of Printmaking Department, CAFA

President of the Printmaking Alliance of the International Academy of Printmaking

Assistant dean of Printmaking Committee of Chinese Artists Association

Vice President of School of Printmaking, Chinese National Academy of Arts

Visiting professor of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts

Curator of Wanshenggu Art Museum;

Honorary Dean of Jiangsu Printmaking Academy;

Honorary President of Feidi Art Workshop

Member of the Fundación´ace para el Arte Contemporáneo International Honorary Advisory Board (FACE-IHAB), Argentina








Gold-Prize Winner in the Seventh National Art Exhibition




Works Collected by:


National Art Museum of China, Shanghai Museum of Art, Guangdong Museum of Art, Museum Ludwig, CAFA Art Museum, Today Art Museum, Marlborough Gallery, Art Museum at Sichuan Fine Arts Academy, Academy of Fine Arts of the University at Buffalo, Great Britain’s Art Foundation for Printmaking, South Korea Library Art Center, Huayi Brothers Media Group, Tiantu Capital, China Charity Federation, Schoeni Gallery of HK, Nanjing Yishan Art Museum, Beijing Can Art Center, Nine Painting Gallery, Beijing Ke'er Infant Education,Guizhou Chamber of Commerce 、Aimer Group、Soulieren Platform of Business of Artworks etc  、Tsinghua Universtx  Art Museum 



  • 贵州人之四

  • 贵州人之三

  • 贵州人之二